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April 27, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

Sonar, Wild Boar and Sweet Deals

Plus, don't wait to make your reservations for our trip to Alaska at the end of July. We had to turn some folks away last year. Details at

Steve Hamber is our first guest. Steve is a national trainer and sales rep for Navico. He explains the new "Active Image Sonar" transducer. It's a 3-in-1 piece of equipment that includes scanning sonar, downscan and sidescan. More info at

We track down Sonny Thater. Sonny runs Hook You Up Outfitters in Hawaii. He offers both fishing and hunting trips. Sonny says most folks don't know that there's big game hunting in Hawaii. Check out his web site and plan your trip:

Up next it's Rusty Brown. He operates Rusty Brown's Pro Bass Fishing Guide Service out of Southern California. Rusty is also a speaker, conducts seminars and is an ambassador of the sport. Plus, he's a great guy. All the details at

We get Frank Burr from Snowbee USA on the phone. Be sure take advantage of the special discount that Snowbee USA is offering Fish Hunt Talk listeners. Use the code word FISHTALK and get a 20% discount on your purchase.  Go to

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April 20, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

Special Deal from Snowbee for FTH Listeners

John and Frank talk about the special deal that Snowbee USA is giving FTH listeners. Plus, we're getting ready for our trip to Alaska at the end of July. Contact John for all the details: [email protected].  Or get more info at

The show gets underway with Steve Lynch, co-owner of Pro-Cure. Steve helps us understand how fish pick up scents and how Pro-Cure works in murky and even dark water. Here's their web site:

Our next guest is Mark Wilde out of St. Albans, VT. Mark runs Uncle Jammer's Fly Fishing Guide Service. He especially loves teaching fly fishing and witnessing first time experiences of his clients. We discuss everything from trout to maple syrup. Learn more at

We get Bill Varney on the phone. Bill is a surf fishing instructor from Los Alamitos, CA. He's written a book about surf fishing and he even has his own line of surf rods. Bill has some great tips on how to read beach sand and beach water to find the fish. Check out

We wrap it up with our buddy Frank Burr from Snowbee-USA.  When Fish Hunt Talk listeners order Snowbee equipment you get a 20% discount if you use the code word FISHTALK. Go to

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April 13, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

The Outdoor Adventure You've Been Looking For

John Henigin and Frank Selby are getting ready for our trip to Alaska at the end of July. We're staying at Salmon Falls Resort. Contact John for all the details: [email protected].

Our first guest is Matt Herod. Matt is the General Manager of Salmon Falls Resort. He gives us some great information about Ketchikan, AK and Salmon Falls. Sure hope you can join us on our trip. Here's the Salmon Falls web site:

Next we check in with Loren Williams out of Grand Junction, CO. Loren runs Mesa Outfitters, LLC. They specialize in elk, bear, and mule deer hunting, but offer high country trail riding and fly-fishing trips as well. Loren describes what a typical pack trip would be like. Go to

We're able to track down our buddy Bob Jacklin in West Yellowstone, WY. Bob has been serving West Yellowstone fishermen for over forty years out of Jacklin's Fly Shop. He's a world class fly fisherman, fly caster, and fly tier. Plus, Bob has a book coming out about the history of West Yellowstone. Check out

Our final guest is Steve Lynch with Pro-Cure Bait Scents. Pro-Cure makes 47 different scents and they all work. Great web site at

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April 6, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

Grizzly Hunting and Flounder Gigging

John Henigin is back. We break the news about our Alaska fishing trip coming up July 28th through August 7th. We'll be staying at Salmon Falls Resort. For more info email [email protected] after you check out

Our first guest is Tom Gray from Alaskan NW Adventures out of Nome, Alaska. Alaskan NW Adventures is a native-owned fishing and hunting outfitter and fish guide service that has a passion for living off the land and sharing their lifestyle with guests. Great site at

Next we bring in Captain Kevin Kosik from Matagorda, Texas. Capt. Kevin runs Kosik's Guide Service and he's experienced with wade fishing and drift fishing for trout, redfish, and flounder. Kevin also guides duck hunts on the bay during duck season. All the details at

We're able to track down Harry Morse, Public Information Officer, with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. We talk about new fishing regs in the works that will be simpler to understand. Plus, we discuss various projects and services offered by the CDFW. Check out

Our final guest is Scott Brown. Scott handles media relations for Fiat/Chrysler. We all get excited about the new Jeep Gladiator Truck. How could you not love this vehicle:

And be sure to shop Frank Selby's web site at

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March 30, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

Get Ready for Spring Fishing

Frank Selby from His and Her Fly Fishing Shop in Newport Beach, CA is our host while John Henigin is still away. This is our "Get Ready for Spring Fishing" episode.

Our lead-off guest is Arlo Townsend with Arlo's Fly Fishing Services in Reno, NV. Since 2003 he's been guiding the Truckee River System (CA & NV), Yuba River (CA), and Pyramid Lake (Nevada). Like most of us Arlo likes to keep old fly fishing traditions alive while incorporating the newer modern techniques. Check out

Next we talk to Michael Kaul out of Pinedale WY. Mike guides with Two Rivers Fishing Co. and he specializes in wade fishing. He's a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified casting instructor and conducts a fly fishing school. Plus, Mike is now a fisheries consultant helping ranch owners who have fishable water on their property. Info at:

Our final guest is Joey Phillips with Blue Yonder Fly Fishing Guide Services in Taos, NM. Joey fishes the Rio Grande Gorge. Blue Yonder Fishing teaches and guides everyone from beginners to experienced anglers. Their trips are geared and set up toward their client’s needs and desires – it’s that simple! Details at

Frank Selby re-caps our "Get Ready for Spring Fishing" episode and thanks all the great guides that helped us out. Be sure to shop Frank's web site at

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March 23, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

North to Alaska and South to Costa Rica

John Henigin is on assignment this week so Frank Selby takes the reins.

We kick the show off with Jim Tilton out of St. Willow, AK. Jim and his wife Maria run Deshka Landing Charters and Lodge. It's only a 90 minute drive north of Anchorage. Awesome location, awesome smoked salmon dip and awesome web site at

Next we check in with Craig Sutton to learn about FishingNosara. FishingNosara is located in a nature reserve Costa Rica. Check out the web site and get FishingNosara on your bucket list: And don't miss

We wrap it up with Brian Crosby from Crosbear Kennels in Riverside, CA. Brian has been breeding and training dogs for hunting and field trials since 1988. You can contact Brian at 310-844-4963 or email [email protected].

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March 16, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

The Difference Between Seaweed and a Fish

Opening the show is John Prochnow, Berkley's director of product innovation. He's the genius behind PowerBait MaxScent and Gulp! We find John at the Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville, TN. Berkley has some new trout and bass baits coming soon. Go to

Our buddy Steve Hamber with Navico joins us. Navico is the largest developer, manufacturer and distributor of marine electronics. Steve brings us up-to-speed on some cool Navico products including their new Active Imaging Transducer. Amazing web site at

Frank Burr with Snowbee USA wraps up the show. We catch him at The Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo in St Paul, MN. Snowbee has super fishing products developed and tested by the Snowbee team to complement your fishing experiences. Check out

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March 9, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

Green Pumpkin Flies and Aspirin Bustin'

Frank and John get us started. We catch Frank giving fly fishing demos at the Hall Show in Long Beach, California. John is just back from the show where he checked out new equipment and cool products.

Up next it's Mark Lassange with Bass Angler Magazine. Mark has some great tips on what fly color patterns work best in various types of water. We also affirm the importance of hiring a pro guide when you fish unfamiliar areas. You'll save time and you'll be successful.

By popular demand we bring back Steve Lynch with Pro-Cure. Pro-Cure makes those amazing bait scents that really do work. Steve explains how. Details at

We're able to track down Frank Addington. Frank is known as The Aspirin Buster and he puts on an archery exhibition that is beyond belief. Learn all about Frank and watch great videos at

We'd love to have you with us on our trip to Alaska coming up in July. Email [email protected]. We'll send you some goodies just for checking with us.

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March 2, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

Everything From Spey Casting To Deer Urine

Scott Leysath opens our show. Scott runs Sporting Chef Productions in Folsom, California and he's a leading authority on the proper preparation of fish and game. Great recipes and cool videos on

We head up to Vancouver, Washington to talk with Evan Burck.  Evan works with Rajeff Sports as Marketing and Pro Desk Manager and he's also an expert fisherman. Evan gives us the lowdown on spey casting and spey lines. Learn more about Rajeff at

Next we get Nate Bennett on the phone. Nate runs Teton Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He's not only a great guide he's also an excellent artist and he even builds guitars. Call Nate at 307-413-1215 or get your trip scheduled at

Our buddy Steve Lynch wraps up the show. Steve is the co-owner of Pro-Cure. Pro-Cure manufactures the world's finest bait scents, all made from real whole fresh bait and all come with a complete money back guarantee. Check out

And we sure hope you can join us in July for our Alaska trip. Details at

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February 22, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

Getting An Extra 10-20 Fish A Day

Have you thought about joining us in July for our Alaska trip? Please don't wait too long to make your reservations. Details at

We track down Bob Sparre out sturgeon fishing. He's been guiding in Northern California for 30 years. Bob says the difference between a good trip and a GREAT trip are the small details that can get an extra 10-20 fish a day. Check Bob out on Facebook or go to

Next we head to Island Park, Idaho to chat with Chris Lawson. Chris and his dad Mike operate Henry's Fork Anglers. The fly shop sits near the banks of the famous Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. Perfect location, beautiful area, great trout fishing. Visit their web site at

We're able to get Matt Swainbank with Mustad Hooks back on the show. It's another amazing class in "Fish Hooks 101." Mustad has manufactured hooks since 1877. Worth a visit:

We wrap it up with our buddy Frank Burr from Snowbee-USA fly fishing products. We find Frank at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show. Check out this YouTube video to see what the Snowbee folks are all about:

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